Part Time Ph.D. in Marathi

PhD Marathi Admission: Application Form, Notification, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Top Colleges

PhD in Marathi is a doctorate-level scholastic course, empowering intrigued psyches to investigate the wealth old enough old language, exhaustively.
PhD in Marathi is a 3-5 years course, incorporating subjects managing writing and its connection to history, legislative issues, society, and culture of specific times.
A score of least 55% imprints in your master’s certificate, makes you qualified for PhD in Marathi program. Additionally, you need to show up for placement tests led by particular School/College.

PhD in Marathi: The course Highlights

Course Level



Doctor in Philosophy in Marathi


3-5 years

Exam type




Admission process

Entrance exam(NET/PET/JRF/MPhil)/Interview process

Course fee

INR 5,000-2,00,000

Top recruiters

Govt/private colleges/Tourism department/Multimedia platform/Publishers etc

Job Possibilities

Author/Translators/Professor/Content developer etc.

Average Salary package

INR 4,08,000

PhD in Marathi: What is it about?

• Marathi is one of the indo-Aryan and 22 planned dialects of India. It’s additionally the authority and co-official language of Maharashtra and Goa individually.
• Positioning tenth on the planet, the Marathi language has 83 million speakers around the world.
• A PhD course in Marathi gives profound knowledge into the language. The course constructs specialists by running research and reasonable chips away at the language.
• With its huge educational program plans, introductions, functional works, students prepare for the gig market by improving their abilities and aptitude.
• The course manages the investigation of History, writing, grammer, social/prudent impact, and eminent writers of the language and so forth.

Why study PhD in Marathi?

• Great career opportunities
• Relatively less competitive field, consequently chance of finding a new line of work soon.
• On the off chance that you are somebody who has a huge interest in dialects.
• On the off chance that you have experience with the Marathi language.
• If you have any desire to work in artistic research.
• To be a creator/critic/interpreter and so forth.
• A course with an extension to live in and maintain old-however gold culture.

PhD in Marathi: Admission Process

• The admission cycle depends on the legitimacy rundown of selection test and checks got in post-graduation level.
• Prior to applying, register yourself on the School’s true site.
• Fill in the enrollment structure as per the given guidelines close by with your subjects and offices. After accommodation of the structure, it will divert you to the sites login entrance.
• Utilize your given ID and secret key to sign in. Fill in the structures as educated and transfer required reports. Remember to add reservation declarations to profit the advantages for something similar.
• Complete the installment cycle and fill in the subtleties of the equivalent.
• Be Cautious during the cycle as once done can not be changed. At long last, review your application structure and right if any errors.
• All finished. Present the structure and best of luck.

PhD in Marathi: Eligibility Criteria

• To be qualified for PhD in Marathi one high priority finished a Masters Certificate in the Marathi language with 55% marks(50% for saved class students).
• A MPhil degree holder in the Marathi language is additionally qualified for PhD in Marathi.
• A Candidate probably seemed the PhD Entry Exam(PET) led by a responsive School/College with least qualifying marks.
• A few schools/colleges additionally take students through Normal Entry Tests(CET), like UGC-NET.
• There are additionally offices accessible for saved class students.
Other than previously mentioned qualification standards, numerous Schools/colleges have their necessities and conditions. Do exhaustive research prior to applying.

PhD in Marathi: Entrance Exams

There are different placement tests for a PhD program.


• From 2018 NTA is directing UGC-NET(University Grant Commission-National Eligibility Test) exams. It is a determination cycle to pick students for Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) and Lectureship in Indian School/College.
• 81 subjects accessible under UGC-NET and you are encouraged to accept a similar subject as of your Master’s Certificate.


• PhD Entry Test-The entry test is led by responsive schools/colleges instead of following a national qualification test(UGC-NET) exams.
• A few schools excluded students from the PET who cleared UGC-NET. In any case, candidates need to pay more course charges than the people who seemed PET.


• Mumbai University Pre-Entrance Test: The entry test is directed by Mumbai University for the choice of qualified students for PhD programs.
• The candidates who are UGC-NET/MPhil qualified, are absolved from MU-PET.


• Goa-University PhD Entrance Test is taken care of by Goa College for the choice of fruitful candidates for PhD programs.
• UGC-NET/MPhil/JRF holder candidates will be absolved from the GU-PET.

• The PhD placement test led by Osmania University is Osmania University – PhD Placement test.
• UGC-NET/MPhil/Educator cooperation/JRF holders are absolved from operating system PET.
• One high priority no less than 55% imprints in Master certificate level to be qualified for the exam.

PhD in Marathi: How to prepare for the exams?

• The exam has two segments: Objective type(Multiple questions) and Emotional type(subjective inquiries from the connected subject).
• Exam time is 2-3 hours and 100 imprints.
• Inquiries will be posed by the prospectus of the exam, concerning your subjects of Master’s and bachelor’s certificate.

Things to Remember While Preparing for the exam:

• To be sure and get rid of major areas of strength for you flimsy spots, follow earlier year’s inquiries papers and check the examples of the exam paper.
• Look for direction from the students chasing after a PhD in a similar field. It will explain your vision about the approaching front line.
• Get refreshed with current undertakings/day to day papers. Acquire sufficient information about current changes/improvements, pouring to your concerned subject.

PhD in Marathi: How to get admission to a good College?

There are a few significant helpful focuses to apply prior to going to enroll for a PhD course.

• Dig completely:
Do careful research on different PhD projects of your advantage. Qualification standards/charge structures/placement tests/cutoff times connected with the course, cover everything, don’t allow a minor error to squander a significant year of yours.

• Decide: Conclude your specialization course founded on your Master’s certificate/bachelor’s certification course. It gives a fortress of your connected field and helps in subsidizing too. Additionally, actually take a look at your enthusiasm/love for a similar course. Try not to do a course weakly which can lead you to disappointment.

• Select a subject for PhD :
Begin basic. Research old undertakings to get a few plans to compose on. Inquire as to whether you need to compose on old thoughts or new issues.

• Get a Supervisor/Guide:
Presently it is the ideal time to get you an aide. Search the individual’s set of experiences/scholastic record/the number of students he that directed, and so forth, whom you need to be your manager.

• Filling the application structure:
If it’s not too much trouble, fill your application structure cautiously as your possibility getting shortlisted relies upon your accomplishments, scholarly records and so forth, portrayed on your application structure. Then, Best of luck with the meeting.

• Think about your future:
In the wake of finishing PhD just half of the candidates go to the scholarly community and the rest seek after their vocation in other govt. what’s more, confidential fields, new companies, origin, and so forth. Thus conclude what you need to do.

PhD in Marathi: Top Colleges

The list of Colleges offering PhD in Marathi

Name of the College

Average Annual Fee

Banaras Hindu University

INR 8,368

Osmania University, Hyderabad, Telangana

INR 3,000

Gulberg University, Gulberg, Karnataka

INR 4,920

Mumbai University, Maharashtra

INR 31,315

Bharathi Vidyapeeth deemed University, Pune, Maharashtra

INR 30,000

Goa University

INR 32,730

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

INR 1,00,000

Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

INR 6,700

PhD in Marathi: College Comparison


Goa University

Mumbai University


Established in 1985. Offers UG/PG/PhD/Diploma courses on various subjects. It has 48 professional/non-professional colleges/10 research centres, etc.

Formerly known as Bombay University. Offers UG/PG/PHD/Certificate course/diploma etc. The university conducts entrance exams to select students.


101 by NIRF

95 by NIRF




Average fee

INR 32,730

INR 31,000

Top Recruiters

govt/private sectors/Tourism fields etc

govt/private sector/tourism/publishers/ etc.

PhD in Marathi: Syllabus

• Paper 1: Research Methodology (Research Techniques/Methods).
• Paper 2: Broad field of Specialization.


Literature Study

Essays and Texts writings

Poetics Study

Preparing the Thesis Report

Grammar Study

PhD in Marathi: Important Books

The table contains the list of helpful books for PhD in Marathi.



The social character of the saint

Ba. Sardar N

Marathi SavhAat Society and Culture

Saint Abaji Dahake.

Modern Marathi History

Deshpande A.N

The Concept of Historical History

Pandey D.Vad.

Changes in social life in Maharashtra

Mr Panvadat

History of Marathi Language

Jog Ra.Shri

Five devotional sects

R. Goswami

Cultural Conservation of Soviet

Pralhad Lalekar

PhD in Marathi: Course Comparison

PhD in Marathi Vs PhD in English


PhD in Marathi

PhD in English


3-5 years

3-6 years

Focus Area



Admission process

Entrance exam/interviews

Entrance exam/interview

Eligibility criteria



Average course fee

INR 1,00,000

INR 50,000 – 5,00,000

Job Options

Research scholar /translator /writer/Professor

Research and Development Manager, Professor, Literature Researcher, etc.

Areas of employment


Teaching/writing/tourism/reasearch field

Average placement package

INR 2,50,000-3,00,000

INR 3,00,000-4,00,000

PhD in Marathi: Job Profiles

• PhD in Marathi language degree holders have a ton of vocation opportunities to look over. One can without much of a stretch find a new line of work in govt./confidential areas or can fire a beginning up.
• The different fields of business are instructing/research/composing/language master/critics, and so on.
Vocation in a PhD in Marathi more or less:

Name of the Job profile

Description of the Job

Average salary package


A Professor has to teach govt/private college/university students

INR 2,50,000

Linguistic Expert

A linguistic expert has multiple job roles. Such as- A translator/content developer/proofreader, etc.

INR 3,00,000

Research scholar

A research scholar is associated with the research and development of related language

INR 2,75,000


An author writes his/her original content through Stories/novels/dramas/poems, etc.

INR 2,35,000


A translator is someone who translates one language from another language

INR 3,00,324

Content developer

The job includes creating original contents for multimedia platforms.

INR 2,20,000

PhD in Marathi: Future Scope

As the PhD is viewed as the most significant level of the scholarly course, there is less number of future degrees for additional concentrate a short time later.
In any case, there are some postdoctoral association projects to help you in your further schooling venture.

PhD Marathi Admissions: FAQs

Is a PhD in Marathi worth doing?

Yes, keeping apart the job facility and salary packages, if the language is what makes you all excited, you are passionate about it and you are ready to sweat hard for it, then you should pursue higher studies in your interest subject. If not there are numerous other subjects to choose from.

What's the syllabus for PhD in Marathi?

The course syllabus includes two theory papers; Research Methodology and A Specialization Field Domains of the Language:
• Philosophy
• Elective subjects
• History of the language
• Essay and texts writing
• Preparing the Thesis Report
• Literature Study
• Preparing Presentation
• Viva-voce process
• Poetics study
• Grammar study

What's the eligibility for PhD in Marathi?

You must have a PG degree/Mphil degree and you must have appeared PET/UGC-NET etc with minimum passing marks.

What's the admission process for PhD in Marathi?

Admission is done based on marks obtained in PG level and entrance exams. They also conduct interviews.

How should I decide the subjects for my project?

Go through old journals/research works to get some ideas. You can work on a completely new idea or can develop an old problem.

How to find a suitable supervisor?

Do some research on the person's history / academic background, how many students he has helped etc. If you find everything is alright, then grab him.

How much do I have to study for a PhD programme?

Yes, you have to study hard for your PhD programme as you have to do many tasks, which includes the selection of topics of your project / researching it / preparing thesis paper / preparing for viva-voce, etc.

What's the average course fee for a PhD in Marathi?.

The average fee ranges from INR 10,000- INR 2,00,000 for the PhD course in Marathi.

What jobs will I get after PhD in Marathi?

The course in PhD provides job opportunities in various fields like, teaching/writing/linguistic experts/translator/research scholar, etc and so many more.

What's the average salary package for a PhD in Marathi degree holder?

The average salary ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000 LPA.

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