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PhD Biology Admission: Application Form, Notification, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Top Colleges

A Ph.D. in biology is a degree that underscores completing research and acquiring proficient capacities in the biology business. The accentuation of the program is on graduate research awards, oral and composed introductions at gatherings, and the distributing of research discoveries in respectable publications. More courses in a specific subject, similar to environment or sea life biology, are frequently presented as a feature of the PhD degree. Natural chemistry, cell, and atomic biology, as well as hereditary qualities, are further fields of study.

PhD programs in the disciplines of populace and local area environment, natural genomics, developmental hereditary qualities, and genomics. Biology Ph.D. programs are requesting, participatory, and underscore state of the art fundamental research. These degrees give accentuations in sub-atomic hereditary qualities, developmental biology, and frameworks biology alongside preparing in organismal way of behaving and sociality. Students who seek after a doctorate in natural sciences are ready to function as homeroom educators, specialists, and scholars.

A proper paper and unique research project should be done to move on from a biology Ph.D. program. Students who complete it are totally ready for insightful and research callings. We need researchers with incredible research and critical thinking skills to handle the mind boggling issues confronting the globe today.

• People keen on getting familiar with the various microorganisms that encompass us pick PhD biology. Finding out about existence from the get-go is useful. The following is a depiction of the biology PhD program in more profundity.

• Having a master’s certification in a similar specialty region is a prerequisite for admission. For admission, a base by and large score of half from a legitimate college is required.

• That doctoral level program in biology and other significant fields of study endures three to five years.

• During the program, a PhD candidate in biology might concentrate on points like cell and sub-atomic biology, nature, development, computational biology, and so forth.

• Individual meetings and entrance tests are utilized for admission. Candidates should compose a research proposition illustrating their expected course of study.

• As a component of the educational program, candidates find out about report composing, research procedures, information tidy up and show, proposal planning, and so on.

Entrance tests are utilized to decide admissions, alongside a series of in-person meets. Each school offers a remarkable entrance test to survey candidates’ overall information, research method, and research basics.

Different colleges in India give doctoral-level biology programs. colleges incorporate the College of Hyderabad, Indian Establishment of Science, and Jawaharlal Nehru College. The scope obviously expenses is from INR 2,000 to INR 5 Lakhs overall. The’s program will probably learn new information about the subject of study that has been chosen, and toward the finish of the program, to introduce a proposition.

A candidate might concentrate on genomics, microbiology, biology, and different subjects.
In the wake of graduating, one has the choice of applying for admission to programs for advanced education or searching for work. The top work titles most PhD biology graduates are employed for incorporate teacher, item supervisor, administrator of innate sciences, microbiologist, and so on. The normal situation bundle goes from 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs for each annum.

Course, Highlight of Ph.D. in Biology:

Full name of the course

Doctor of Philosophy in Biology

Duration of the course

3 to 5 years

Type of the Degree


Eligibility Criteria

55% on a master’s degree from the recognised university or college

Examination Mode

Semester Based

Admission Process

Entranced Based

Average Course Fee

INR 30,000 to 4,00,000

Recruiting Areas

Ecology and Evolution, Computational Biology, and Cell and Molecular Biology

Top Recruiters Companies

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., HCL, and Pinnacle Diagnostics & Research Center

Job Profiles

Research biologist, senior research associate, environmental staff scientist, clinical lab scientist, senior microbiologist, development manager, and manager of biological sciences

Average Annual Salary

INR 4 lakhs to 8 lakhs

Why to do Ph.D. in Biology:

• It takes a ton of work from a candidate to finish a doctoral level certification in any field. The explanations behind seeking after the degree will shift contingent upon every individual’s goals. The primary contentions for chasing after it are recorded beneath.

• The compensation range for doctoral candidates is high. The candidate’s range of abilities and professional training are thought about while deciding a definitive compensation rate. Also, pay will differ by industry. The compensation will be higher on the off chance that one is sufficiently lucky to land a situation with a multinational company.

• With their endeavors, researcher make huge commitments to humankind. To grasp how infections and microbes propagate and how to oversee them, researchers look at them in the two people and creatures. Their occupation is significant for safeguarding the climate.

• A PhD in biology can prompt an extensive variety of open positions. There are a few positions accessible, including those of Research Partner, Research Scholar, Ecological Staff Researcher, Clinical Lab Researcher, Senior Microbiologist, Item Director, and Innate Science Supervisor. Contingent upon the chose field of forte, there are numerous work choices.

• One could decide to fill in as an educator or teacher to school level students among the extensive variety of work options available. There is not any more significant undertaking than showing the up and coming age of researcher who will propel the science more.

Eligibility Criteria Required for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

A candidate should meet explicit qualification necessities to be acknowledged into the PhD Biology program. For most of schools, the expansive norms recorded underneath can be utilized.

• Scoring at least half overall was essential.

• Candidates should hold a biology master’s certificate from a certify establishment or college.

• Scores from entrance tests like the Pieces Pilani, or UGC Net are essential.

• Candidates should have a research proposition arranged that subtleties the objective, technique, and different parts of the review. This idea will be used in a series of individual meetings.

Skills for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

PhD holders in the Biology need a mix of hard gifts and delicate abilities to prevail in their positions. It’s conceivable that these abilities can’t necessarily be shown inside the imperatives of the educational system. Practice is the best way to level up these skills. Students ought to along these lines jump all over any opportunity to broaden their points of view and obtain new information. Just a modest bunch of these abilities include:

• Observation Methods
• Progress Tracking
• Thinking Techniques
• Skills in Correspondence
• Skills for Dealing Pressure
• Instructing Human Development
• Guide Wisely
• Hard Working

Admission Process for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

Most of colleges and foundations that offer PhD Biology programs concede students relying upon how well they did on their Master’s certification tests. Be that as it may, a few colleges truly do give admission tests to assess a candidate’s inclination and ranges of abilities.

• Most importantly, candidate need to apply in the organization for the course he needed to do.

• A student should perform well in the Predicament, and UGC-NET and so forth admission tests held by the important Colleges to seek after a Ph.D. in Biology. Also, students should do well in the round of individual meetings.

• After the examination result candidate need to go through to the meeting round or in a gathering conversation.

• After the screening the subsequent stage in directing or enrolment in the school.

• For enrolment student have submit required reports according to the school rules or prerequisites.

Admission Based on Entrance Exam for Ph.D. in Biology:

Coming up next are the entrance-based admission prerequisites for a PhD in Biology:

• To effectively enroll, candidates should present an application through the entrance examination association’s true site.

• The specialists will report the examination date, and candidates should show up for the test.

• The candidates need to accomplish a passing mark or CGPA in the important tests to be acknowledged to the PhD in Biology program.

• The specialists will introduce a merit rundown of the picked candidates and dole out the understudies the important school seats.

• To be conceded, the candidates should pass extra adjusts of individual meetings.

Tips to get Admission in the college for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

Getting entrance to a respectable school is essential for an advanced education research program like a PhD in Biology. The following are a couple of key plans to recollect when you look for admission to a respectable college.

• In the event that you are intensely keen on applying for a PhD in Biology, you should accomplish a good grade in your Post Graduate degree of review.

• In the event that you are preparing to take an entrance test, you should likewise get a high CGPA on that test to be owned up to a legitimate PhD in Biology School.

• If it’s not too much trouble, investigate the forthcoming school prior to making any arrangements to go to any school or establishment.

• Guarantee that college offers the best educational plan and sufficient offices to prepare you to master a PhD in Biology.

Entrance exams for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

While applying for admission, Indian schools acknowledge scores from both national and state level tests. The test scores that are most often endorsed are recorded underneath.


Probably the best colleges in the nation acknowledge the UGC NET, or College Awards Commission National Entrance Test, for admission to PhD programs.


Admission to PhD programs is conceded in light of the Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. The IITs are accountable for leading this national test. Six theme tests in all are given web based during a three-hour time frame. Among different colleges, the Indian Organization of Science in Bangalore acknowledges Predicament scores.


IISc, Bangalore likewise acknowledges Joke, or the Joint Entrance Screening Test, for admission to PhD programs. Goodbye Establishment of Crucial Research controls the test in a disconnected style.

Tips to prepare the entrance exam for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

The accompanying data can help candidates in preparing for the entrance test.

• As a matter of some importance, Make a timetable for your review time. You will actually want to focus regarding each matter and give every point equivalent time.

• Go through the test’s schedule exhaustively. Rather than concentrating on a totally irrelevant subject, it will help you in zeroing in on key topics.

• Look at the inquiry papers from the earlier year to have a superior handle of the admission tests. There are a few books for entrance tests that incorporate earlier year’s test questions and the arrangements.

• It’s urgent to grasp the basics of the subjects as opposed to remembering the responses. You might utilize it to assist you with noting testing inquiries.

• Each admission test comprises of MCQs with a solitary right reaction. Furthermore, there is a faltering grade.

• It’s vital to just response questions you are sure of. Taking into account that there is a negative checking, theory is to be stayed away from.

Top Colleges for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:


College name and location


Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru


Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi


University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad


Calcutta University, Kolkata


Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal


Bharathiar University, Coimbatore


Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani


Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi


University of Madras, Chennai


Panjab University, Chandigarh

Syllabus to study for the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

A PhD biology program is split among coursework and research projects. Most of the course tasks are committed to research and proposal planning. The chose specialization will decide the PhD biology course educational plan.


The investigation of qualities, quality variety, and heredity in living things is known as generics. Researchers search for attributes that are given on from guardians to posterity.


The area of science known as immunology centers around the safe frameworks of living things. This part centers around grasping, diagnosing, treating, and finding medicines for immunological ailments.

Chemical Biology:

This area of science investigates the systems behind the presence or nonattendance of specific hereditary attributes in living things. To get familiar with every single living thing, researchers do sub-atomic research.


This involves researching minuscule organic entities, for example, infections, microorganisms, growth, and so on, to comprehend how they cause illnesses and recognize medicines for them.


This part of science investigates the job of science in cell organic cycles. Minutely, researchers find out about the science of living things.

Biology of Cells:

The investigation of cells in individuals, creatures, plants, and so forth is called cell biology. Scientists who research cells add to the making of immunizations, hereditarily adjusted plants and creatures, and different things.

Job Prospects and Career after doing the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

Both government organizations and confidential research facilities utilize PhD biology candidates. Instructive foundations, medical research offices, zoos and national parks, national preservation communities, and so forth are among the areas where one can investigate business.

Candidates’ starting compensation scales are on the upper end. The candidate’s true capacity, abilities, work insight, and so on will all assume a part in a definitive compensation. The main compensation range is between INR 30,000 to 4,00,000 every month. Candidates are recruited for jobs, for example, microbiologist, ecological lab researcher, administrator of inherent sciences, teacher, research partner, and so on.

Job Profiles after the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

Manager of Natural Sciences:

An organic science director plays out the obligations of a boss by watching out for the exercises of scholars, researchers, scientists, and physicists, among others, in the space of testing, research, and improvement.

Researcher in biology:

To get a more profound comprehension of the relative multitude of regular parts of our current circumstance, research scientists look at them. They regularly work in a solitary subject matter.

Senior Lecturer:

Researchers work in the field of schooling and backing the preparation of future scholars.


A microbiologist inspects microorganisms, kelp, and growth to figure out how they impact the climate and how they make sickness.

Benefits after doing the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

• A PhD program in biology with a weighty accentuation on educating includes a great deal of research. Graduates will be ready for callings in science and schooling.

• Notwithstanding different conveniences, a Ph.D. in Biology program offers a cutthroat payment and medical coverage. To plan students for work in scholarly world and biotechnology, the educational program additionally offers significant preparation in teaching method, effort, and correspondence.

• To get their PhD certifications, students should likewise complete two semesters of instructing. A student who finishes the program is ensured full educational cost and medical coverage for the entire six-year length as well as getting a Ph.D. in biology.

• Alumni of the program get concentrated preparing in correspondence, effort, and training, which prepares them for work in scholarly community and biotechnology.

Scope after doing the course, Ph.D. in Biology:

• The greatest level of tutoring is a Ph.D. in biology. Normally, the program endures three to five years. Candidates should likewise create a unique exposition and a research proposition. For individuals who are keen on finding out about the basic studies of life, this Ph.D. is great. This degree field has an extraordinary future with regards to business. You can seek after a task in biotechnology in the wake of getting done with the course.

• In India, a PhD is the most significant level that might be gotten. Most candidates are either currently utilized when they complete their certificates or are selected to begin filling in when they do. With a PhD, you have a decent chance of getting work, and a great many people will not experience any difficulty doing as such. Nonetheless, on the off chance that one wishes to investigate substitute review options, the accompanying can be investigated.

• A candidate can begin applying for graduate projects whenever they have completed their alumni level educational plan and have an exposition. Most of universities request that candidates show two semesters of biology, generally as an instructing individual. Biology PhD candidates might hope to make a decent pay.

• Ph.D. candidates are likewise guaranteed five years of subsidizing from their college notwithstanding graduate-level certificates. These variables make biology Ph.D. programs among the best decisions for graduate students.

PhD Biology Admissions: FAQs

What are the program's requirements for eligibility?

A applicant must meet specific eligibility requirements in order to be accepted into the PhD Biology programme. For the majority of colleges, the broad standards listed below can be used.
• It was necessary to score a minimum of 50% overall.
• Candidates must hold a biology master's degree from an accredited institution or university.

What are the approved entry exams?

UGC NET, JAM, JEST and other entry examinations are accepted

What is the procedure for programme admission?

Applicants are asked to send in their research projects for a personal interview after receiving their admission exam results.

What types of jobs are available for those with a PhD in biology?

Medicinal Chemist, Researcher Biologist, Environmental Professional Scientist, Clinical Lab Scientist, etc. are a few of the usual job types that one is employed into.

What is the average salary after completing the course?

After completing the course, Ph.D. in Biology candidate can get 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum.

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