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PhD Chemistry Admission 2023: Application Form, Notification, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Top Colleges

A PHD Chemistry, in any sort of presumed Indian university will take around six to finish, and as per the UGC, three years is the most limited term to be granted with a degree.

Students who are keen on chasing after Chemistry at this level high priority a master’s certification, and a few colleges have likewise set a base rate models like 55%, which can fluctuate from one college to another.

Something else to note in regards to confirmation is that colleges likewise request your UGC NET or GATE score to offer admission to PHD Chemistry.The charges of a PHD Chemistry course changes from one college to another, however it generally sits between INR 80,000-3 LPA, as the normal expenses yearly.

In most PHD Chemistry courses, the attention is fundamentally on free examination and students are likewise left to choose their own courses. A few courses that students can look over incorporate actual biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, high level insightful chemistry, natural blend, actual natural chemistry,and and so on.

Subsequent to finishing their PHD Chemistry, students’ compensations can fluidly climb up as per the experience that they have acquired, so the normal beginning compensation is about INR 15 – 20 LPA and at times, much more.

Students are given the chances to get utilized at climate consultancies, legal science labs, pharma organizations, food and drink industry, plastic and polymer organizations, instructive foundations, and logical examination associations.

The top scouts for this course incorporate organizations like Aditya Birla, Goodbye Synthetic compounds, ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Dependence, Dr. Reddy, P and G, and so on.

PhD Chemistry Course Highlights

Course Level

Doctorate Degree (PhD)


Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry


3 or 6 years 

Examination type



Master’s Degree

Admission Process

Entrance Exam

Course Fee

INR 80,000-3 LPA

Average Salary

INR 15 – 20 LPA

Top Recruiting Areas

Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Chemical Research Organizations, etc.

Job Positions

Staff scientist, Chemist, Chemistry Professor, Research Specialists, etc. 

PHD Chemistry: What is it about?

• PHD Chemistry plans students for exploration and showing professions with a different accentuation on the essential, life, clinical, physical, energy, materials, and ecological sciences.

• A PHD Chemistry course as a rule includes concentrating on subjects like actual biochemistry, natural chemistry, inorganic chemistry, high level scientific chemistry, natural combination, quantum mechanics, and so forth.

• Doctorate programs likewise intrinsically center around the general improvement of the student’s lab abilities, as well as exploration, alongside upgrading the student’s information.

• While the student will have a lot of chances to acquire involved preparing with current and modern gear any place fundamental, they will likewise profit from the skill of the course bosses, any place required.

• On finishing of this doctorate certification they should present their ‘proposition’. Doctorate certification empowers one to continue to extend wildernesses of information and gives research preparing applicable to the current social and monetary targets.

Why study PHD Chemistry?

Following are a portion of the advantages of seeking after a PHD Chemistry in India:

• Students will gain a more noteworthy comprehension of how to bargain in a research facility, the hardware, as well as the utilization of information assortment, and scientific abilities to think of arrangements.

• For the most part, educational expense for a college certification diverts students from chasing after the degree, and they resort to something much more reasonable, notwithstanding, a PHD Chemistry is different in light of the fact that the student’s educational expense is covered through payments, grants, cooperations, and examination and educating assistantships.

• While getting a PHD Chemistry, students are expected to show courses and furthermore direct examination work which guarantees a hands on preparing experience – assisting students with doctorate certificates stand apart when put close to other work candidates, with no involvement with this present reality.

• PHD Chemistry holders have the fitness to direct their own free exploration, and furthermore know how to oversee different researchers in a lab.

• The actual degree adds greater believability to the student’s examination, and furthermore ensures that students have the experience to get set at a lucrative occupation than the UG and PG degree holders.

PHD Chemistry Admission Process

To get conceded into any top university like IISc Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Bombay, and so on offering a PHD Chemistry, students need to sit for placement tests. The confirmation cycle go on with an individual meeting, and in the event that they score well, they can likewise get a grant.

Given beneath are the essential advances with respect to the PHD Chemistry affirmation process followed by the top colleges of India:

Stage 1: Applications

• To get confirmation in any college for PHD Chemistry, students initially need to finish up the structure for the course through either on the web (or disconnected as certain colleges give that as a choice) mode.

• In the event that a university has its own selection test, they either request that students register through an alternate gateway, or some have joint application structures for both the selection test and joint application.

• In the event that placement tests are not being directed by the university, students are expected to apply for their UGC-NET or GATE through the principal sites for something similar.

Stage 2: Selection tests

• In the event that students are planning to get confirmations in top colleges, selection tests are very essential.

• Students need to qualify the placement tests to drop further down the confirmation cycle, so they can accept their deal letter, and complete different customs in the event that they have been chosen.

Stage 3: Aftereffects of Selection tests

• Before the test results are proclaimed, students ought to keep themselves refreshed by consistently looking at the university’s sites, and virtual entertainment handles.

• After the test results have been declared and distributed, the confirmation interaction will proceed.

Stage 4: Interview and Enlistment

• Assuming students have qualified the selection test, they will be approached by the university to be available for a meeting – either on the web (Skype, Google Meet, Zoom) or disconnected by calling the students to the university grounds.

• During this, any remaining qualification rules is cross checked, and assuming that the students perform well in the meeting, they are allowed admission to concentrate on Chemistry at the doctorate level.

PHD Chemistry Eligibility

The qualification rules for a PHD Chemistry are:

• Students ought to have finished a master’s certificate in Science or a M.Phil degree in a pertinent field.

• Most colleges have the base level of no less than 55% so students are expected to in like manner score..

• Alongside that, students additionally need to score upto the university’s principles in placement tests, which can either be directed by the actual university or national tests like the UGC-NET and GATE.

PHD Chemistry Entrance Exams

Assuming a student is looking for confirmation for a PHD Chemistry in India, it is vital that they qualify the expected placement test.

A few colleges have their own test like Beautiful Expert University has LPUNEST, and the national level selection tests directed for this course are the UGC-NET and GATE.

Other than those, there is likewise the CUCET which is a typical entry test for focal colleges.

Exam Name

Application Period

Exam Date

Exam Mode


To be announced

To be announced



April 30, 2023 – May 30, 2023

July 9-12, 2023 and August 12-14, 2023


NBHM Entrance Exam

To be announced

To be announced


How to Prepare for PhD Chemistry entrance exams?

The PhD Chemistry Placement test will comprise of 60 objective MCQs. In this test, there will be 3-4 selections of answers and students should pick the right response from the given decisions.

The most extreme denotes that this paper will convey is 100 imprints. Students will have just three hours to wrap up composing their tests. The PhD Chemistry Placement test tests students on three principal subjects:
• Inorganic Chemistry,
• Actual Chemistry
• Natural Chemistry.

Given underneath are a few hints on the most proficient method to get ready for the placement tests:

• To get ready for these placement tests, students can go to instructing foundations for legitimate direction from experienced coaches.

• Students ought to likewise go through and comprehend the assessment design, as well as its schedule. For instance, the UGC NET comprises of two papers which must be finished in three hours or less. The principal paper tests the instructing, and research inclination of students, while the subsequent paper incorporates questions that are subject-explicit.

• Rather than reading up unimaginably hard for the ideas you don’t have any idea, make major areas of strength for you considerably more grounded. so that when you need to give the test, you don’t feel that you have failed to remember the ideas you knew well.

• Over the most recent few months before the test, practice past year papers with the goal that you can find out about what sort of inquiries will be posed, and how.

• Try not to disregard yourself while getting ready, remain genuinely and intellectually solid with the goal that you can be ready while giving the test, and can stay away from the unfriendly impacts of not dealing with yourself.

• While you study, try to likewise prepare your psyche for the test by rehearsing past papers around the time you will be giving the test. For instance, assuming you are giving the test from 9 am to 12 pm, be reliable and settle papers in that time allotment as it were.

• To break the placement test, you need to formulate a test technique that is intended for you. You don’t necessarily in every case need to move toward the inquiry paper how it was expected to – yet critically, don’t sit around idly over questions that are troublesome.

How to get admission in a good college?

To get acknowledged into a decent college like in any of the IIT, Chandigarh University, Jadavpur University, Friendship University, and so on, here are a few focuses that candidates ought to remember.

• Students need to remember that they need to promising beginning preparation. By arranging early, they can begin reading up for their individual selection tests, as well as the last tests of the year for their master’s certification.

• By scoring great in their last, most important tests, or more the base rate standards given by the university, they can dazzle the university’s confirmations group.

• Other than scoring great in their last, most important tests, and placement tests, students ought to likewise be good to go for the individual meetings.

• A student able to seek after a PHD Chemistry ought to have the energy and assurance to concentrate on Chemistry thoroughly, and furthermore be competent to lead top to bottom examination tests.

• Research the colleges you need to go to with most extreme significance – ensure you are know all about the site as well as the virtual entertainment accounts (on the off chance that they have any) so you can remain refreshed with the notification delivered.

• Converse with the graduated class and seniors so you can check a superior comprehension of the university’s environment, as well as the benefits and disservices of getting confirmation in that college.

PHD Chemistry Syllabus

The college personnel typically helps students with their autonomous exploration work, and students can likewise decide to work under their teachers as aides to acquire insight. Thusly they will acquire a superior comprehension of what sort of work they should do to turn into a teacher too after the culmination of their PHD.

The PHD Chemistry prospectus is as per the following, but it can fluctuate contingent upon the college a student is wanting to join in. The PHD course depends on research, and furthermore learning through experience, subsequently no books can be determined for something very similar.

Subjects To Be Studied

General Structure

Research Methodology

Scientific Communication

Recent Trends in Chemistry

PHD Chemistry Colleges

College Name


Average Annual Fees (INR)

Indian Institute of Science 



Indian Institute of Technology 



Indian Institute of Technology 



Indian Institute of Technology



Indian Institute of Technology 



National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli- [NITT]



Chandigarh University



Jadavpur University



Amity University



Lovely Professional University



College Comparison

The table given below compares the top PHD Chemistry Colleges in India based on parameters like the ranking, average annual fee, top recruiters, placements, etc.


IISc Bangalore

IIT Bombay

IIT Roorkee

College Overview

It is renowned for its academic freedom, focus on research excellence, and the high quality of its faculty and students.

Research and academic programmes are driven by an outstanding faculty, reputed for their research internationally.

It is among the institutes of national importance in higher technological education and in engineering, basic and applied research.

NIRF Ranking








Average Annual Fee

INR 35,200

INR 73,000

INR 28,500

Average Annual Package

10 LPA

20.34 LPA

13.16 LPA

Top Recruiters

SIEMENS, TATA, MathWorks, Reliance, L&T, etc.

ITC, Unilever, Piramal, TATA, etc.

Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, etc.

Course Comparison


PHD Chemistry

PHD Organic Chemistry


Doctorate Level

Doctorate Level

Full Form

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry

Doctor of Philosophy in organic Chemistry


This course covers all topics that come under the subject Chemistry as a whole.

This course helps to equip and introduce organic fundamental subjects so that a strong foundation is laid.


3 to 5 years

3 years

Examination Type

Semester Based

Semester Based

Average Annual Fees

INR 80,000-3 LPA

INR 60,000- 2 LPA


Master’s Degree

Master’s Degree

Admission Process

Entrance Exam Based

Entrance Exam Based


Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore), IIT Bombay, IIT Roorkee, IIT Kharagpur, etc.

Changu Kana Thakur Arts, Commerce and Science College, GITAM, Indian Institute of Spices Research (Calicut), Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Arts, Commerce and Science, etc.

Average Salary Offered

INR 15 – 20 LPA

INR 10 – 16 LPA

Job Roles

General chemist, research chemist, production chemist, industrial production, professor, government regulator, etc.

Research chemist, research associate, synthetic organic chemist, analytical chemistry, associate, chemistry project assistant, organic chemistry professor, etc.

PHD Chemistry Job Prospects and Career Options

Students invested a lot of energy exploring in a lab, and have a fantastic comprehension of how logical hardware is utilized all through the course span. Consequently, after the culmination of the course, students currently have every one of the abilities important to get a lucrative PHD Chemistry Occupations in India.

Different PHD Chemistry Occupations in India are accessible in different businesses, similar to food and drink, research labs, pharma organizations, instructive associations, and so forth.

A portion of the top organizations known for PHD Chemistry enrollment are recorded underneath:
• Aditya Birla
• Jaypee Group
• Technip
• TATA Chemicals
• United Phosphate zLimited
• Ranbaxy
• Sun Pharma
• Lupin
• Glenmark

The table beneath shows a portion of the great PHD Chemistry Occupations, alongside the depiction of the jobs and normal compensation advertised.

Job Role

Job Responsibilities

Average Annual Salary (INR)

Chemical Researcher

Researchers formulates the thesis for their research by finding the new chemical solution for a particular issue for solving global or private problems.

14 LPA

Medical Technologist

Medical Technologists are capable of finding new chemical formulations for the benefit of treating diseases for the welfare of the people.

10 LPA

Junior Scientist

Junior Scientist come up with various new findings and report documents with their experience and interest in the field

11 LPA

Research Chemist

These professionals study compounds and use this research to create as well as improve processes and products, from drugs and medical treatments to manufactured goods such as cosmetics, electronics, food and drink.

13.75 LPA

Forensic Chemist

Analyzes non-biological trace evidence found at crime scenes to identify unknown materials and match samples to known substances

16 LPA

Government Regulator

Ensures that products are manufactured and distributed in compliance with appropriate legislation.

20 LPA

PHD Chemistry Future Scope

The extent of a PHD Chemistry depends upon you, and your inclinations. Chemistry isn’t precisely a little field, and incorporates various different fields. With a PHD Chemistry degree you make a profession in chemistry designing, natural chemistry, normal chemistry, scientific chemistry, and so forth.

In the wake of finishing their PHD Chemistry students can decide to go on in the previously mentioned areas, be a piece of any university’s staff of their decision, or go to an unfamiliar university to deal with research projects in the event that you have an interest in working in a lab.

Further review choices for a PHD Chemistry are offered cross country, with a lot of exploration programs as well as other preparation programs. Students can seek after additional exploration in any Chemistry related field that they are keen on, similar to natural chemistry, inorganic amalgamation, and so forth.

The future extension for this course is gigantic, as there are organizations who are dependably keeping watch of new and new ability, who are chasing after research in different unseen fields – there is continuously a novel, new thing to offer that might be of some value.

PhD Admissions 2022: FAQs

How hard is a PHD Chemistry?

When you decide to get involved in a Ph.D. programme, it basically means that you have a genuine interest in the subject. So it is not about how difficult obtaining a doctorate degree in Chemistry will be, as it requires your full commitment, it only depends on your level of interest in the subject.

How many years does it take to complete a PHD Chemistry in India?

If you’re studying in a reputed institute, a Ph.D. can usually take you six years to complete, or even less than that, i.e, three years.

What degree is required to be eligible for PHD Chemistry?

A PHD in Chemistry requires students to have completed their master’s degree in science, or an M.Phil in Science

What is the minimum percentage required by colleges for admission?

Most of the top colleges have the minimum percentage scored criteria as 55%, but it can vary from college to college.

What are the career options after pursuing a PHD Chemistry?

Other than pursuing your own independent research work, and working alongside fellow scientists, as well as becoming a Chemistry professor, there are various openings in R&D sectors in various FMNC like Patanjali, Dabur, HUL. You can also look for job opportunities at pharma companies, like Dr. Reddy, and etc.

Does doing a PhD in Chemistry limit your options in the industry?

No, they do not, as attaining a doctorate degree adds more credibility to your research work, and can also widen your career options, as well as opportunities.

Is a PhD Chemistry worth doing if you are not planning to become a professor?

In terms of prospective careers, teaching is not the only option, through a Ph.D. you can get into various other positions with a Ph.D. like mentioned earlier, you could become a researcher, or a scientist, chemist, and work at food and drink industries, pharma companies, and etc.

Are scholarships offered for a Chemistry PHD?

Depending on students’ score in the entrance exams and their application overall, universities may choose to offer scholarships based on the students’ merit.

Which entrance exams are required for PHD Chemistry?

Based on the college that a student is trying to get admission in, they have to give exams like UGC-NET, GATE, and some also conduct their own exams like Lovely Professional University has LPUNEST, etc.

Can we get admission in IIT for PHD Chemistry, by clearing GATE and NET?

Yes, because all IITs require candidates to clear entrance exams, before passing them on to the interview list.

Is a PHD Chemistry research based?

Almost all PHD programs are research based, especially Chemistry, as it requires students to do independent research with the assistance of their respective university’s faculty.

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