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Overview and About the Course:

The field of study known as disaster management centers around how to arrange and deal with the obligations and wellbeing estimates that individuals ought to take in the event of catastrophes. To lessen the impacts of fiascoes, this area of management works with every helpful issue, including planning, reaction, and recuperation. Until the cows come home, there will without a doubt be disasters and fiascoes. In any case, people might go to precaution lengths and empower a speedier recuperation from the impacts of them. Consequently, there is a rising requirement for calamity supervisors. Students who concentrate on disaster readiness and management have the right stuff important to manage the aftermath from philanthropic emergencies and catastrophic events as disaster administrators.

By definition, disasters are flighty, and they perpetually result in a wake of obliteration afterward. Turmoil completely assumes command and individuals’ lives are tossed into jumble. Regardless of the way that we have zero command over when a calamity will strike, we truly do have some impact over how it will be managed once it does, and this is where disaster management becomes an integral factor. Individuals need backing and security when calamity — whether it’s man-made or regular — happens. Disaster management sets you up to help these disaster-stricken, unprotected people recuperate from the emergency with minimal measure of damage to their wellbeing and individual property.

• Candidates for the Ph.D. in Disaster Management program can get more familiar with calamities and their intricacies. At the point when a setback happens, they are given the information expected to utilize the accessible material, monetary, and HR. Furthermore, they are shown how to sort out camps, manage the public, and perform salvages. They are likewise shown how to work collectively. The ability to deal with a circumstance with peacefulness and persistence is given as much accentuation as fostering the student’s whole character.

• There has been a huge death toll, property, and many individuals’ homes because of man-made and cataclysmic events, which are happening all the more regularly consistently. There is a deficiency of people who can advance their work for helping and working during misfortune because of the ascent in disasters. The objective of the Ph.D. in Disaster Management course is to give students the availability and capacity to oversee such difficult conditions.

• Candidates for a Ph.D. in Disaster Management get the preparation and ranges of abilities expected to become perceived experts nearby. In the wake of finishing the program, the students will have an assortment of occupation choices, remembering those for the substance, protection, and guard ventures as well as those connected with overseeing dry seasons. The program’s all-encompassing objective is to shape the students into skillful well-informed authorities who at last prevail in that industry.

A three-year, full-time doctoral certificate in natural management is presented under the heading “Ph.D. in Disaster Management.” The program’s qualification prerequisites incorporate a passing Master’s certification or M.Phil. in the suitable subject with a base total grade point normal of 55% in the discipline from a licensed university.

Candidates ought to likewise have at least five years of involvement filling in as experts in senior situations in their field of capability.

Course Highlight for the course, Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Full name of the course

Doctor of Philosophy in Disaster management

Duration of the course

3 to 5 years

Type of the Degree


Eligibility Criteria

Entrance Tests and Qualifying Masters and M.Phil. in the Relevant Stream from a Recognized University with an Overall 55%

Examination mode

Semester based

Admission process

Entrance or merit Based

Average course fee

INR 50, 000 to 3 lakhs

Job Positions

Disaster management organisations, environmental experts, rehabilitation specialists, homeland security analysts, etc.

Top Recruiters

Companies in the insurance industry, chemical processing, oil and gas industry, policing agencies, etc.

Average annual Salary

INR 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs

Why to do Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

• Students who effectively complete this degree program can apply for careers in schooling as well as various social government assistance and regular fiasco control drives at the state and bureaucratic levels.

• The preparation and studios on disaster management will be given to public representatives, structural architects, police and guard individuals, paramilitary work force, firemen, and other defensive help experts during their preparation periods.

• They can likewise seek after showing careers at the college and school levels.

• Self-protection is another benefit, particularly for individuals who live close to shorelines where catastrophic events are bound to happen. so they can shield themselves in case of a disaster.

Who can do the course, Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

• The best candidates for the course are students who are keen on disaster management and related fields like social government assistance, and so on.

• Since they should have the option to talk plainly and, great relational abilities are essential for this employment. An individual necessities likewise have solid cooperation and hierarchical capacities to prevail in this field.

• The people who want to utilize their material, individual, and monetary assets shrewdly to offer help from a characteristic or man-made calamity.

• Experts in disaster management are responsible for their own lives and wellbeing as well as the prosperity of others. They must to be ready to acknowledge huge commitments.

Eligibility Criteria for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

The following capabilities are expected for disaster management doctoral candidates:

• Candidates should prevail in the admission test managed by various institutions and colleges.

• Candidates should hold a real Master’s certificate or M.Phil. in the suitable discipline from a certify university with a base combined GPA of 55% or more.

• Interview meetings and individual meetings will be driven by a couple of legitimate colleges.

Skills Required for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

• In this field, it is urgent to can think fundamentally, use sound judgment, and be versatile in evolving conditions. Although hypothetical ideas comprise an enormous piece of instruction and preparing, they are just a hint of something larger with regards to a talented disaster management proficient.

• An emergency fills in as the establishment for the discipline of disaster management. It could be exceptionally trying for certain individuals to sink into a long period of emergency management without a solid underpinning of instruction, preparing, and experience.

• An expert in disaster management should have serious areas of strength for an of coordinated effort. Nobody can do everything all alone, in this way help is constantly required. While dealing with a significant emergency, having the option to function admirably with a group, effectively coordinate work among colleagues, and do the errand mutually could save essential seconds.

• At the point when the current task requests you to rapidly change gears to deal with one more task on fundamentally important premise, and keeping up with said needs when the work feels overpowering, using time effectively and hierarchical capacities become urgent.

• Factors like correspondence, using time effectively, and association should likewise be imbued in candidates. Powerful correspondence during crises might assist with decreasing frenzy and assist with characterizing needs and information stream consistently.

Admission Process for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

The admission process for the Ph.D. in Disaster Management observes the rules laid out by the applicable college. Merit is the main thought for admission. A master’s or alternately master’s certificate in the suitable field with a base combined GPA of 55% is expected for qualifying. Also, they should be confessed to the program subsequent to passing the vital state and national level tests.

From that point onward, there will be an individual meeting and a gathering conversation where they should discuss a subject to acquire an overall thought of the character highlights of the candidate for picking understudies. Students should have something like 5 years of expert involvement with senior-level situations to be qualified. To decide the legitimacy % for the singular college, which might shift for different institutions, the absolute checks from the passing test, individual meeting or gathering conversation, and admission test are considered.

Entrance exams for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Check out the list of the entrance exam to qualify and get the admissions in top colleges or university.

• National Eligibility Test (NET)
• State Entrance Test, or SET
• State Level Entrance Test (SLET)
• Doctorate Entrance Test (DET)
• Test for admission to the PhD programme at Jawaharlal Nehru University
• Ph.D. Entrance Test PET

IGNOU Entrance exam for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Any alumni in any field is qualified to take the IGNOU admission test for the Postgraduate Confirmation in Disaster Management. For admission to the institute’s School of Management Review, which offers both MBA and PGDM degrees, candidates should pass the IGNOU OPENMAT, a national entrance test. The test is allowed two times per year, and the outcomes are great for a year.

Tips to prepare the entrance exam for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Provided that you excel on the admission test will you be acknowledged into your preferred institution. We’ve given a couple of tips underneath that can help you in performing great on the admission test:

• Make a useful report plan for yourself that you can do. The vast majority give additional opportunity to arranging than to really making things. Invest more energy concentrating on subjects that you see as trying to comprehend.

• Peruse the educational program cautiously. It will without a doubt be exceptionally useful to you as you get ready. Ensure you discard no significant material. The university’s site offers a download for the authority prospectus.

• Use test inquiries from earlier years to get ready. The most recent two months ought to be utilized for the most part for this.

• Find out about your benefits and drawbacks. You will not at any point have the option to get a really phenomenal score on the admission test except if and until you know about your assets and defects.

• You really want to successfully intellectually plan for the test to do. Just steady, stretched out training will actually want to do this. No less than four months before to the test, you should start your arrangements. You will not have the option to live up to your assumptions till then.

• More spotlight ought to be put on the numbers. Students normally dedicate more work to hypothesis. They can’t sufficiently answer mathematical issues thus. Practice inquiries from many book kinds. You’ll feel more sure thus.

Top College for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:


College name


IIT Roorkee – Indian Institute of Technology


Jamia Millia Islamia [JMI]


M.Sc. in Disaster Management and Climate Sustainability Studies


Amity University, Noida


Panjab University (PUCHD)


Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Management and Security


Shoolini University


TISS – Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai


M.Sc. in Disaster Management


Post Graduate Diploma In Disaster Management


Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster and Livelihood Recovery


Certificate in Disaster Management


IGNOU – Indira Gandhi National Open University


Certificate in Disaster Management


Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management


MSU – The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda


GGSIPU – Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University


Adamas University

Syllabus to study for the course, Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Syllabus to study in first year:

·      Disasters, Hazards, and Extreme Events

·      Disasters, Vulnerability, and Risk

·      Ecosystems and Habitat

·      Policy, Institutions, Governance and Disaster Management

·      Management and Organizational Behaviour

·      Geoinformatics in Disaster Management

·      Natural and Manmade Disasters

·      Quantitative Techniques for Disaster Management

·      Disaster Recovery

Syllabus to study in second year:

·      Crisis Management

·      Banking, Finance, and Insurance in Disaster Management

·      Communication Systems

·      Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

·      Disaster Mitigations

·      Project and Seminar

Job prospects and career for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Candidates have a large number of opportunities to investigate numerous features of life after effectively finishing the Ph.D. in Disaster Management program. They can utilize their insight, capacities, and preparing in fields including local groups of fire-fighters, compound businesses, and dry spell management divisions. Organizations in the protection, alleviation, policing, mining, advanced education, and college areas. They have an assortment of career choices, including social laborer, natural trained professional, counseling master, disaster official, country security investigator, recovery master, region misfortune counteraction supervisor, administration reaction chief, and others.

Job Profiles for Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

Master in Restoration:

Advising and planning with clients’ necessities during the recuperation interaction are the two obligations.

Ecological Expert:

They are responsible for observing and testing for dangerous materials as well as ensuring that region level consistence with government, state, and neighborhood rules is kept up with.

The social specialist:

They assist families with managing issues, beat snags, recognize ailments, and give them the help they need.

Head of Calamity:

The obligations of the job incorporate spending plan the board, plan definition, DRR movement execution, and observing.

Examiner for Country Security:

They should think of, set in motion, and direct crisis plans and techniques to decrease the risks presented by both man-made and cataclysmic events.

Natural Expert:

They are responsible for checking and testing for unsafe materials as well as ensuring that region level consistence with government, state, and neighborhood rules is kept up with.

Government Recruiters for the course, Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

• Indian Organization of Policy management (IIPA), New Delhi
• SAARC Catastrophe The executives Community, New Delhi
• Public Organization of Catastrophe The board (NIDM), Service of Home Undertakings, New Delhi
• Haryana Organization of Policy management (HIPA), Gurgaon
• India Meteorological Office, New Delhi
• Ambedkar Foundation of Policy implementation, Chandigarh
• Focus of Catastrophe The board, Jaipur
• G.B. Gasp Foundation of Himalayan Climate and Advancement, Nainital, Uttarakhand
• Indian Red Cross Society, New Delhi and States Units
• Indian Agribusiness Exploration Establishment (ICAR), New Delhi
• Catastrophe The executives Community, Bhopal
• Catastrophe Relief Foundation, Ahmedabad

Scope after Ph.D. in Disaster Management:

The postgraduate will be prepared to reduce the impacts and costs of the occasion following a calamity. A Ph.D. will help with planning networks and the country for such disasters, whether they are brought about by a cataclysmic event or a man-made calamity. The field of disaster moderation can be progressed essentially with the assistance of a Ph.D.

Both a totally on the web and nearby Ph.D. program are accessible. It focuses on thoughts, research procedures, and regulations. Students can chip away at projects with internationally eminent institutions like the Disaster Exploration Center. Ph.D. candidates likewise perform hands on work and exploration in fiascoes as well as completing their passing test and thesis proposition. The capacity to try hypothesis will be instructed to students all through their investigations.

By making an educational plan that helps with distinguishing the actual qualities of a calamity, for example, a Ph.D. in Disaster Relief and Management could assist with diminishing the impact of a disaster. This sort of program plans to anticipate disaster results and get ready proper activities. The most ideal choices for those keen on this field are in government or confidential offices since a Ph.D. in this field is unacceptable for the place of worker for hire.

Frequently asked Questions:

Question. What capabilities must one meet to sign up for a PG degree program in disaster management?
Answer. Candidates should have effectively finished a bachelor’s certificate program to be confessed to a postgraduate program with an emphasis on disaster management, no matter what the subject.

Question. How long is the PG Certificate program with a Disaster Management fixation?
Answer. A two-year PG recognition program with an emphasis on disaster management is accessible. A MBA in disaster management and a PGD in disaster management are indistinguishable.

Question. If it’s not too much trouble, determine what is the typical compensation for the course Ph.D. in Disaster Management?
Answer. The Typical compensation after the course in the middle between INR 3 lakhs to 7 lakhs for every annum.

Question. Is there a far off learning choice for the disaster management course?
Answer. Indeed, a ton of colleges offer far off learning choices for disaster management.

Question. Could I at any point enroll in a class to study disaster management on the web?
Answer. Indeed. A few institutions give courses in disaster management on the web. After the candidate follows through with the tasks, endorsements are given out.

Question. What permission work potential open doors exist after a Disaster Management program?
Answer. Candidates can expect work at the section level in various regions, including policing, management, and local groups of fire-fighters.

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