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PhD in English Literature Admission 2023: Application Form, Notification, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Top Colleges

PhD or Doctor of Theory in English Literature is a doctorate level course spread over a range of least 3 years and greatest 5 years. This course is great for students who are keen on concentrating on literature written in English language. The candidates who have finished their master’s certificate in English language with least 55% of imprints are qualified to apply for this course.

Admission to PhD English Literature program is for the most part entrance based followed by private meeting. In any case, a few universities might acknowledge confirmation on merit premise moreover.

The typical expense charged by schools or colleges for this course differs from INR 30,000 to 1.3 Lakhs. The charge is liable to change according to the kind of the foundation.

The typical beginning compensation that a PhD English Literature degree holder can procure ranges between INR 4.5 to 6 Lakhs. The compensation offered is straightforwardly relative to the experience acquired in the field. The compensation increments with an expansion in the involvement with the field.

PhD English Literature experts secure positions as an English Teacher, English Educator, Manager, Columnist, Pundit Essayist, Specialized Essayist, Public Connection Official, Interpreter, and so on. Some top enlisting regions for such experts are Media Houses, Education Establishments, Distributing Houses, Interpretation Houses, and so on.

PhD English Literature: Course Highlights

Course Level

Doctorate Level

Full Form

Doctor of Philosophy in English Literature


2-5 years

Examination Type

Semester/Annual as per college norms.


Masters degree in English Language with minimum 55% marks

Admission Process

Merit based or entrance based

Course Fees (INR)

INR 10,000 to INR 1,30,000

Average Salary (INR)

INR 4.5 to 6 Lakhs

Recruiting Companies

Media Houses, Education Institutions, Publishing Houses, Translation Houses, etc.

Job Positions

English Professor, English Teacher, Editor, Journalist, Critic Writer, Technical Writer, Public Relation Officer, Translator

PhD English Literature: What is it About?

• PhD English Literature is a doctorate Level course. The course includes a high mind and interest in English subject. The course includes the investigation of English language and literature from every one of the regions of the planet, their starting point, their examination and so on.

• The students need to go learn about various areas of literature – english literature, roman literature, American literature and so on.

• The students are expected to go to classes and lead research under teachers.

• The students need to show up for assessments and present a postulation on their research pursue the finish of the course.

• Students get to find out about various parts of English language, their use and an opportunity to add something of their own to the language.

Why study PhD English Literature?

• PhD English Literature is a helpful course for the people who are keen on learning about the rich history of the language and need to find out about various kinds of English literature.

• The course additionally helps you in creating different abilities research abilities, scientific abilities, verbal and composed relational abilities.

• There are various open positions accessible for candidates in both government and confidential areas, for example, in media houses, print offices, educational establishments and so on.

• Candidates can function as Teachers in schools, manager in different organizations, content makers, compose their own books or books and so on.

PhD English Literature Admission Process

The admission to PhD in English Literature course is for the most part based on entrance test which is trailed by an individual meeting round led at the university or the school. In any case, a few schools or colleges might offer confirmation on a legitimacy premise.

A few universities likewise request M.Phil as a necessity for PhD confirmations. In such cases, chose candidates will be expected to show up for just an individual meeting round.

Merit Based admission process

• Candidates need to apply at the authority site of the school/university they need to take confirmation in.

• They need to fill the application structure and present the necessary reports.

• After fruitful enrollment, universities discharge their legitimacy rundown of chosen candidates.

• In the event of certain schools or colleges, chose candidates might be expected to go through an individual meeting round.

• Choice for this situation is finished based on execution in the individual meeting round.

Entrance Based admission process

• It is fitting for candidates to visit the authority site of the school or university they need to apply in to check whether they meet the qualification models and what entry test is expected for affirmation.

• Then, candidates should enroll themselves for the entry test on the authority site of the directing body.

• Those candidates who clean off the cut from placement test are then required an individual meeting round.

• Last choice is made based on execution in the Individual Meeting round.

PhD English Literature Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who wish to apply for a PhD English Literature program should meet the qualification rules referenced underneath. The overall qualification rules is:

• Candidates probably finished their Master’s certification in English language with least 55% imprints from a perceived University.

• There might be an unwinding of 5% imprints for held class students.

• Candidates need to have substantial imprints in the placement test as expected by the school or university.

• In certain schools, M.Phil is an essential for PhD English Literature confirmation. In Such cases, chose candidates will be expected to show up just for an individual meeting round.

• The qualification rules might change from one school to another.

PhD English Literature Entrance Exams

The generally acknowledged selection test for PhD English Literature affirmations is the UGC NET test. Nonetheless, a few colleges or schools might direct their own placement tests for PHD confirmations at their own level.

• UGC NET: Public Qualification Test (NET) is directed by University Awards Commission of India (UGC). There are two segments in this assessment comprising of 50 and 100 various decision questions separately. The complete length of the test is 180 minutes. It is led two times every year, once in June and once in December.

• GATE: GATE assessment is mutually directed by IISC and 7 IITs. A legitimate score in GATE is considered as a premise by IITs for PHD Confirmations. A brief assessment comprises of MCQs and NAT.

• JNUEE: It is a public level selection test directed by NTA for M.Phil/PhD confirmations.

• DUET: It is led by NTA for confirmation in PHD courses in Delhi University. It is a 2 hour assessment.

Exam Name

Application Period

Exam Date

Mode of Exam


April 30, 2023 – May 30, 2023

July 9-12, 2023 and August 12-14, 2023



September 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023

February 4, 5, 11 and 12, 2023



May 19, 2023 – June 18, 2023

To be announced



April 6, 2023 – June 30, 2023

July, 2023


How to prepare for the entrance exams?

• The test for PhD English Literature comprises of schedule of English just aside from GATE. GATE comprises of inquiries from the science area.

• Significant areas of study are – heartfelt period, Victorian period, Current period, Contemporary period, Present day English Literature, Indian writing in English, History of Indian language and that multitude of subjects that you have considered during graduation and post graduation.

• Partition the schedule into areas of strength for you powerless regions.

• Plan flowcharts, utilize different variety pens to retain stuff.

• Practice earlier year question papers and overhaul.

How to get admission in a good college?

Given underneath are a few hints to get confirmation in a decent PhD English Literature School.

• The primary thing to remember is to get great imprints in master’s certificate.

• Then, candidates ought to be completely mindful about the placement tests, their application method, significant dates, schedule, test design and so on.

• Get ready well for placement tests by rehearsing and modifying ideas. Additionally get ready by endeavoring earlier year assessment papers and counterfeit tests.

• Be refreshed about current issues and get ready well for the individual meeting round.

PhD English Literature Top Colleges

Given below are details of some top colleges and universities offering PhD English Literature.

Name of the Institute


Average Fees (INR)

Indian Institute of Technology


INR 26,000

Presidency College

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

INR 10,000

Loyola College, Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

INR 6,000

Andhra University

Andhra Pradesh

INR 15,000

Delhi University


INR 9000

Mewar University

Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

INR 60,000

English and Foreign Language University

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

INR 9000

Islamic University of Science and Technology

Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir

INR 10,000

Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh

INR 42,000

PhD English Literature College Comparison

Now and then choosing between two schools can be an overwhelming undertaking. Thus to facilitate the cycle, a correlation between two of the top universities offering PhD English Literature is given beneath.


English and Foreign Language University

Mewar University


Hyderabad, Telangana



EFLU was founded in 1958 as the Central Institute of English. It has 7 schools and 26 departments.The University is specially set up to conduct research and training in teaching education,literature, linguistics etc.

It is an Autonomous, private and self financed University built to develop a centre of learning and research at par with international standards. The University offers all types of courses- engineering, management, polytechnic, arts etc.




Admission Criteria

Entrance based followed by personal interview

Entrance based followed by personal interview

Average Fees (INR)

INR 9,000

INR 60,000

Average salary offered

INR 6 to 7 Lakhs

INR 4 to 5 Lakhs

PhD English Literature Distance Education

A few schools and colleges offer the choice of distance learning and parttime PhD choice for PhD English Literature courses. These choices are reasonable for those candidates who are either working experts or are chasing after another course of study.

• The qualification for these courses are likewise comparative candidates are expected to have at least 55% imprints in master certificate in English language.

• Admission to these courses might be merit based or entrance based according to school or university standards.

• A portion of the schools offering PhD English Literature in distance mode or as parttime courses are Kerala University, Sri Padmavati Mahila Visvavidyalayam,Mewar University, Friendship University, and so on.

PhD English Literature Syllabus

Since PhD English Literature consists of theory, research work and writing theories, so there is no predefined syllabus. Some of the areas of interest around which the course may revolve are mentioned below in the table:


Subject of Study


African-American Literature


Renaissance Literature


Medieval Literature


Literary Criticism and Theory


Prose Fiction


Literature in the twentieth Century


Women’s Literature


Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature


Dramatic Literature


Lesbians, Gay and Bisexual Literature


English Poetry

PhD English Literature Books

Some of the books which can be read by PhD English Literature students are given below in the table.

Name of the book


Mansfield Park

Jane Austen


Charlotte Bronte

Several Poems

Anne Bradstreet

Little Women

Louisa May Alcott


Sherwood Anderson

Shadow Lines

Amitav Ghosh

Midnight’s Children

Salman Rushdie

Course Comparison

PhD English Literature vs PhD English

PhD English Literature and PhD English are two comparative looking courses. Yet, their possibilities are unique. PhD English Literature manages the literature written in english language while PhD English arrangements with the actual language. A definite examination between these two courses in view of different boundaries is given underneath.


PhD English Literature

PhD English

Course Level



Course Duration

2 to 5 years

2 to 5 years


It is a doctorate level course and deals with research in English literature from all around the world. The main objective of the course includes researching about the literature written in English language

It is a doctorate level course which deals with English language, its grammar and other aspects. It includes performing extensive research about English, it’s origin and how it has evolved over the past years. 


The candidates who have completed their master’s degree in English language with minimum 55% of marks are eligible to apply for this course.

The candidates who have completed their master’s degree in English language with minimum 55% of marks are eligible to apply for this course.

Admission Process

Entrance exam followed by Personal Interview

Entrance exam followed by Personal Interview

Examination Type

Semester/Annual as per college norms

Semester or yearly

Average Fees (INR)

INR 10000- 1.3 Lakhs

INR 50,000 – 3 Lakhs

Average Salary (INR)

INR 4.5 to 6 Lakhs

INR 4 to 8 Lakhs

Top Colleges

Presidency College, Mewar University, English and Foreign Language University

Lady Shri Ram College, Hindu College, Ramjas College, Gargi College

Job Roles

Critic, Journalist, Teacher, Writer, Translator

Senior Research and Development Manager, Assistant Professor, Head of the educational department, 

Top recruiting areas

Media Houses, Education Institutes, Publishing Houses

Advertising Industry, Translation Agencies, Communication Industry

PhD English Literature Job Prospects and Career Options

• After finishing of a PhD English Literature, candidates ordinarily search for a task in educational foundations.

• Be that as it may, there are a few work jobs accessible for candidates which they can seek after subsequent to finishing their PhD.

• Open positions are accessible in various media houses, distributing houses, Interpretation houses, server farms, and so on. Occupations in these working environments are accessible in both government and confidential areas.

A portion of the gig jobs proposed to PhD English Literature students are given underneath:

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary (INR)


They teach students studying at UG or PG level and ensure that they learn the language properly. They can teach English or Drama to students. Many of the teachers conduct research alongside teaching the students.

INR 6 Lakhs


Editors may work in print houses, media houses or publishing houses. Their task is to go check the content written by junior writers and edit and modify it according to the needs.

INR 5.53 Lakhs

Journalist/ Correspondents

These people work with news or media agencies. Their task is to collect, write, present or distribute the news in a creative way.

INR 4.79 Lakhs


A reporter usually works with news channels. He is the person who visits different locations and does reporting.

INR 5 Lakhs


Critics are those people who present an assessment of various art forms. There are movie critics, literature critics, fashion critics, food critics etc.

INR 4 Lakhs

PhD English Literature Future Scope

• There are a great deal of profession potential open doors accessible for candidates who wish to seek after PhD English Literature.

• Open positions are accessible for candidates in both government and confidential areas They can work in media houses, distributing houses, educational establishments, print organizations and so on.

• Work jobs offered are of Editors, Columnists, pundit essayists, teacher, teachers, public connection officials and so forth. The beginning compensation proposed to PhD English Literature lies between the scope of INR 4.5 to 6 Lakhs.

• Candidates can likewise compose their own books, books or stories or can compose for historical centers or expressions exhibitions. They can likewise fill in as etymologists which implies they will have a chance to compose, gather or alter a word reference.

• They additionally have a choice to work in the public area in English talking nations since they have superb spoken and composed relational abilities and due to their capacity to research and examine.

PhD English Literature Admissions 2023: FAQs

What does PhD stand for in PhD English Literature?

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy in PhD English Literature.

How long does it take to get a PhD English Literature?

It takes 3 to 5 years to complete PhD English Literature.

Does a PhD English Literature lead to an increase in Salary as an editor?

Indeed, on the off chance that you hold a PhD English Literature degree, it will give you a more significant compensation than what you will procure with a master's certificate in English language.

What are the areas of study in PhD English Literature?

The areas of study of PhD English Literature are- American literature, colonial and post colonial literature, African-American Literature, Eighteenth century literature etc.

Do PhD English Literature students get a stipend?

Indeed, for the most part the students concentrating on PhD English Literature get payment. How much allowance notwithstanding, relies on the establishment or university they are seeking after it from.

What is the scope of PhD English Literature?

As a PhD English Literature proficient you can function as Teacher in schools or colleges. In addition, you can likewise function as a manager, pundit, essayist, artistic specialist, columnist and so forth.

What is the difference between M.Phil in English Literature and PhD English Literature?

In M.Phil in English Literature, candidates will be expected to decipher and basically break down and as of now finished research work while in PhD English Literature, candidates need to lead their own research work and present a proposition on something similar. Both of the courses have their own ramifications and it is upto your advantage which of them you need to seek after.

Can I do a direct PhD English Literature after completing my MA?

To seek after PhD English Literature, you need to show up for the placement test in the wake of finishing your Mama. Placement test will be additionally trailed by an individual meeting, whenever chose.

Can I work as a Journalist after completing a PhD English Literature?

Yes, you can find a number of jobs as a Journalist after completing your PhD English Literature in various news and media agencies.

What minimum marks are required to pursue PhD English Literature?

Candidates aspiring to do PhD English Literature should have a minimum of 55% marks MA in English.

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