Phd in Psychology Admission Open 2024

PhD in Psychology Admission: Application Form, Notification, Exam Dates, Eligibility, Top Colleges

Ph.D. in Psychology is a 3-year full-time doctorate certificate in Psychology. In this long term program, wannabes become familiar with a sum of 9 subjects, 3 in every year. The course basically centers around the clinical psychology part, and investigate the different mental medicines and techniques
The candidates are expected to pass their postgraduate certificate in psychology with a base score of 55% or comparable imprints from a perceived college. Admission to the course is finished based on placement test or legitimacy list. Whatever tests held in the nation are RAT (Research Aptitude Test) and JRF (Junior Research Partnership).
The complete course charge for the program fluctuates between INR 20,000-INR 1 Lakhs. The top PhD Psychology Schools in India are Friendship College, Lucknow, Banaras Hindu College, Awadhesh Pratap Singh College, and so forth.
Candidates in the wake of passing the course are employed in different work profiles like teachers, ,Clinical Analyst, Instructive Clinician, Speaker, and so forth. The typical compensation after the fulfillment of the course goes between INR 1.8 to INR 6.8 LPA.

Ph.D. in Psychology Course Highlights

Tabulated below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level



3 years

Examination Type

Semester System


Master’s degree with 50% aggregate marks in science.

Admission Process

Counselling after qualification of entrance examination

Course Fee

INR 2,000 to 1 lakh

Average Starting Salary

INR 1 to 12 lacs

Top Recruiting Areas

Colleges, Universities, Healthcare Centers, Private Clinics, Hospitals, Counselling Offices etc.

Job Positions

Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Industrial Psychologist, Research Psychologist, Lecturer, Professor and others such.

Ph.D. in Psychology: What is it About?

• Psychology as a scholarly discipline incorporating a great many investigations including consideration, insight, understanding, feelings, knowledge, character, connections, conduct, and, surprisingly, the inner mind.

• Psychology is the investigation of the brain and conduct.

• Psychologists inspect both individual ways of behaving and the way of behaving of gatherings, pursuing grasping human action, treating mental issues, and directing individuals to assist them with accomplishing close to home steadiness.

• Being worried about friendly way of behaving, Psychology in numerous ways is connected with the sociologies and humanities, like Human sciences and Reasoning.

• They utilize comparative research strategies as these disciplines, including leading meetings and noticing conduct.

• Psychologists survey conduct and mental capability and prosperity, and study how people connect with one another and furthermore to machines, and work towards working on such connections.

Why Study PhD in Psychology?

There are different reasons as well as benefits for which one can seek after PhD in Psychology. Actually look at them beneath.

• Good Compensation: In the wake of finishing the PhD course the candidates will actually want to acquire anything between INR 1.8 to INR 6.8 Per annum. Aside from that the candidates will actually want to acquire rewards and different advantages that incorporates opportune assets, DA, retirement benefits as well as clinical protections.

• The most noteworthy capability in the field PhD is the most extensive level an individual can accomplish. Chasing after a PhD in Psychology will make the individual profoundly proficient in the field. The candidates subsequent to achieving the PhD Course will actually want to assist people with recuperating from pressure or have a more profound figuring out in the singular mind as well as the hidden issue.

• Research and Development – PhD empowers a person to research and execute constant concentrate in the field which he seeks after. Having a doctorate program in Psychology will assist the person with researching and keep concentrating on different parts of the topic, for example, mental pressure, self-assurance, dynamic strategy and some more.

• Browse different specializations – You will get various fields to execute your specialization on, if you need to seek after PhD in Psychology. This incorporates – Neuropsychology, Sports Psychology, School Psychology, Designing Psychology, Measurable Psychology, Social Psychology, Human Variables Psychology, Instructive Psychology, Unusual Psychology, Wellbeing Psychology, and Formative Psychology.

• Begin Your Own Training – A PhD in Psychology degree will likewise assist you with rehearsing all alone. You can open your consultancy , and begin rehearsing. A Psychologist can procure anything between INR 500-INR 2000 for every meeting. .

• You can assist people with recuperating from their psychological issues – The best justification for which you ought to seek after a degree in Psychology is helping other people recuperate from their psychological issues. You can help people who go through a few mental issues like outrage, stress, mental weariness too melancholy. Hopefuls can pay attention to them, and propose powerful techniques to manage it.

Who Should Study PhD in Psychology?

• Candidates who as of now have a postgraduate certification in Psychology, for example, Mama Psychology, MSc Psychology ought to seek after this course.

• Candidates who need to seek after a profession in research and improvement ought to embrace the PhD in Psychology Program.

• Candidates who want to seek after the vocation of teacher or academic administrator in psychology ought to take up the course.

• Candidates who have interest in understanding the psychology of lawbreakers ought to take up the course.

• Candidates who wish to turn business person and begin with their own training ought to take up the course

• Likewise, candidates having a skill in psychology from youth ought to unquestionably seek after the course, to satisfy their fantasy.

• It is great in the event that a candidate seeking after PhD in the Psychology field has somebody in his home who is a specialist in his field. A PhD degree needs a ton of direction too, and it would be simpler in the event that the candidate finds somebody like that in his home.

Ph.D. in Psychology Admission Process

Admission to the course in India is done on the basis of the candidate’s performance in a relevant written test and/or a round of Personal Interview and/or performance in a relevant qualifying examination. Candidates are shortlisted based on both academic record and performance in a relevant nation-wide screening test, such as:
• RAT (Research Aptitude Test)
• JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) through UGC NET

Ph.D. in Psychology Eligibility

Hopeful candidates for Ph.D. in Psychology program need to meet the accompanying least qualification measures:

• Postgraduate certificate in Psychology, finished from a perceived foundation/college

• A base total score of 55% (50 % for SC/ST candidates) or comparable grade at the degree of post-graduation

• No less than 5 years of educating/industry/proficient involvement with a senior level

• Now and again, M.Phil. in Psychology is additionally liked

PhD in Psychology: Admission

Coming up next are a portion of the means that the candidates can continue on account of the confirmation interaction

• Candidates need to enroll themselves first in the authority site of the school or the Selection test board. The candidates should check out at the qualification rules and check out at the different passage strategies.

• The candidates are expected to fill in their application structure according to the detail required and transfer the archives in the configuration endorsed by the specialists.

• Candidates are expected to present the application structure and pay the application structure charge and take out the receipt for future reference.

• In the selection test, they need to score more than the

cut off marks, to qualify.
• Post qualifying the passages, candidates need to satisfy the qualification according to the rules of that specific school.

• Last determination will follow candidates’ exhibition in the meeting and their research proposition .

PhD in Psychology: Entrance Exams

There are multiple entrance exams, which the students can crack to get permission for admission for pursuing PhD in Psychology, Check them below.

Exam Name

Application Period

Admit Card Issue Date

Exam Date

Result Date


April 30,– May 30, 

July 07, 

July 9 and August 12-

To be announced

GATE Exam 

September 1, – September 30,

January 10, – February 12,

February 4,  and 12,

March 13,

Ph.D. in Psychology Syllabus

A year-wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below.

Year I

Year II 

Year III

Advanced psychopathology

Psychotherapeutic Methods

Clinical psychology I

Psychometric assessment methods


Clinical psychology II


Clinical Psychology

Internship in clinical psychology

Ph.D Psychology Distance Learning

A year-wise separation of the course’s schedule is tabulated

The candidate has the choice to Concentrate on PhD in Distance Mode. Allow us to comprehend about the distance confirmation mode for the PhD Distance Learning mode with somewhat more detail

• At this point PhD Psychology in Distance mode is accessible in India just from IGNOU

• The length of the course is for a time of 3 years, notwithstanding, the course can be extended over a time of 6 years.

• The course is acknowledged by the distance instruction Leading group of India and the UGC.

• The course charge is INR 16,800.

• The confirmation depends on a public level placement test directed by the IGNOU.

• The candidates ought to have finished their masters in required stream with a base score of 55%.

• The candidates from the saved classes are permitted an unwinding of 5%.

Ph.D. in Psychology Top Institutes

A portion of the top establishments offering the course in the country with the comparing areas and expenses charged by the particular schools are recorded beneath.

Name of the Institute


Average Annual Fees

Allahabad University


INR 70,000

Amity University of Behavioral Health And Applied Science


INR 55,000

Amity University


INR 33,500

Awadhesh Pratap Singh University

Madhya Pradesh

INR 24,000

Banaras Hindu University


INR 1,00,000

Banasthali University


INR 1,17,000

Bharath Ratna Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University


INR 16,000

Bhavnagar University


INR 22,000

Central University of Karnataka


INR 19,000

Dr. Annasaheb GD Bendale Mahila Mahavidyalaya


INR 25,000

Gauhati University


INR 31,850

Gokul Das Hindu Girls College


INR 80,000

Government College for Women


INR 2,90,000

Gulbarga University


INR 3,960


PhD in Psychology: Abroad

There are different universities abroad where you can seek after PhD in Psychology programs. Candidates frequently want to seek after their number one subjects abroad for the accessibility of a superior framework, research open doors, and so on. However there are a few things that the hopefuls should remember prior to making this stride. Actually look at them beneath.

• Candidates should have a master certificate in the pertinent stream from a perceived instructive establishment.

• Candidates might need to show up for the entry test, which incorporates the GRE test.

• Candidates need to present their english capability evidence either through TOEFL or IELTS test.

• Candidates additionally need to satisfy a few different necessities by showing their arksheets of past tests, letters of suggestion, mission statement, work insight, clinical testament, and so forth.

PhD in Psychology in USA

Following are the top colleges for the USA offering the PhD in Psychology program.



Pace University

INR 110,000

University of San Francisco

INR 120,000

University of Arizona

INR 26,00,000

University of Maryland

INR 85,0000

University of Utah

INR 33,00,000


PhD in Psychology in UK

Check out the top colleges in the United Kingdom providing PhD in Psychology programs.



Manchester University

INR 470,000

Birmingham University

INR 21,00,000

Newcastle University


University of Bristol

INR 27,00,000


PhD in Psychology in Canada

Check out the top colleges in Canada offering PhD in Psychology courses.



Ontario Tech University

INR 46,00,000

University of Alberta

INR 16,00,000

York University

INR 54,00,000

Simon Fraser University

INR 14,00,000

University of British Columbia

INR 22,00,000

PhD in Psychology in Australia



Swinburne University of Technology

INR 20,00,000

Flinders University

INR 22,00,000

University of Canberra

INR 21,00,000

University of Sydney

INR 20,00,000

University of New England

INR 18,00,000

Ph.D. in Psychology: Career Prospects

On effective finishing of Ph.D. in Psychology course, candidates have a wide exhibit of choices to browse. They can select a vocation in Friendly Help and Psychological well-being which are two of the most famous profession fields for psychology graduates. There is areas of strength for a for experts in these fields, they can hope to procure a fair pay and have the chance to work straightforwardly with patients battling with psychological sickness and different illnesses.
A master’s certification in psychology is the base necessity for most section level profession positions; the vast majority of the best positions are saved for psychologists with a doctorate in psychology.

A portion of the top most expert roads open to such postgraduates are recorded beneath with the comparing pay rates presented for the individual positions.

Job Position

Job Description

Average Annual Salary in INR 

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists are trained in the diagnosis, treatment, assessment, and prevention of mental illnesses. They are also the largest area of employment within the discipline of psychology. They work in a variety of settings including mental health clinics, hospitals, and private practice. Their experience has a major impact on the salary earned.


Social Psychologist

Social Psychologists are hired to study social tendencies such as attitudes, group behaviour, public perception, and leadership. They may also work in systems design, marketing research, and organizational consultation. They may find positions for teaching and researching at universities and colleges in the Psychology department. They research primarily on the field or in school laboratories. They also work for government organizations, and private business sectors also hire Social Psychologists as Researchers, Managers or Political Strategists.


Industrial Psychologists

Industrial Psychologists use their unique knowledge of psychology to improve workplace productivity and efficiency for public companies, and organizations of every type. They also perform a variety of functions, including product design, conducting performance tests, developing corporate training programs, and hiring qualified employees and managers. A degree in psychology qualifies individuals for entry-level positions in industrial-organizational psychology, but a doctorate degree is needed for advancing in the field.


Educational Physiologist

Educational Psychologists are often confused with School Psychologists; however, they are entirely different fields of psychology. School Psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat emotional and behavioural issues of individual students. Educational Psychologists are concerned with the overall quality of education, course structure and programs for all students. They study how students learn and work with teachers, parents, and school administration to improve academic outcomes for an entire student population. 


Research Psychologist

Research Psychologists conduct studies and experiments with human or animal participants. They often work for private businesses, universities, or government entities. Their research may focus on a wide range of specialty areas within the discipline, including cognition, psychology, neuroscience, development, personality, and social behaviour.


PhD in Psychology Admissions: FAQs

What is the world of a psychologist having a PhD degree?

The huge occupation of a psychologist having a PhD degree is to plan and lead logical research and execute proficient practice.

How long does it generally take for an individual to complete the program of PhD in Psychology?

To finish the PhD degree in Psychology, it for the most part requires five to seven years. Likewise candidates need to do a one-year temporary job program in this stretch of time.

Which is better in between PsyD and PhD?

PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) and PhD both merit chasing after. Both the degrees train the students to rehearse different clinical settings in psychology. The essential contrast between these projects are, PsyD zeros in erring on the clinical part, though PhD zeros in more on the research part.

Is a PhD in Psychology difficult to pursue?

Getting a PhD degree in Psychology is positively difficult work to execute. A candidate seeking after this program needs to do a ton of difficult work with devotion, and is expected to do coursework, come through information tests, draw in themselves in different temporary jobs, and so on.

Is it possible for someone to work while pursuing the PhD in Psychology program?

Indeed. To adjust the two of them, they surely can. Chasing after the PhD degree as well as doing an everyday occupation is conceivable, and many individuals do likewise. Anyway it is prescribed to do a seasonal occupation while doing a PhD, as a regular work on one hand, and doing PhD on the other turns out to be exceptionally intense and at times influences the advancing too.

Do all Psychologists have a PhD degree?

Most Psychologists have a PhD degree. Only there are few instances where psychologists do their job with a master degree only. Though they have additional certification and license for that.

What is the basic requirement for pursuing a PhD in Psychology?

Aspirants desiring to pursue PhD is Psychology, need to have a bachelor’s degree along with in-depth training in Psychology which includes laboratory experience, research, statistics, etc.

Do Psychologists provide medicine?

No. Psychologists are not trained with a medical degree, hence can't give medicines to their patients. They can only help the patients recover from their mental issues, by applying some effective techniques.

Can anyone pursue a PhD in Psychology, without pursuing a Masters?

Yes. It is not mandatory to pursue a master degree for doing PhD in Psychology. Candidates can skip the postgraduate program in this case.

Is Psychology a good career?

Psychology is unquestionably a decent vocation, particularly in the current time where individuals have such countless mental issues. It is profoundly fulfilling and a rewarding field of study. Likewise, psychologist get an attractive measure of pay, contingent on the individual's area of specialization, capability, and so forth.

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